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How long does it take to order a keg? 2-3 business days

Can I special order a keg that is not listed? Yes. We will try our best to meet your needs.

Please note: not all kegs require the same coupler. For those of you who want to order rare kegs for your kegerators, different keg couplers can be purchased through DSI, Dispensing Systems Inc, 780-496-9476, http://www.dsicontrols.ca/liquor/default.html or Newtons Draft Equipment, 780-944-9407, http://www.newtonsdraftbeerequipment.com.

Price List

AGD 59L $205 *Special*

AGD Lite 59L $205 *Special*

Afternoon Tea 20L $130

Belgian Moon 59L $315

Big Rock Grasshopper  59L $276

Big Rock Grasshopper 30L $151

Budweiser 59L $300

Canadian 59L $290 *Special*

Coffee Milk Stout 20L $138

Coors Banquet 20L $109

Coors Lite 59L $295

Creemore Springs 30L $165

Extravert Red $20L $119

Fallen Timber Ginger Mead 20L $165

Gateway Wheat Ale 20L $108

Granville 30L $180

Granville False Creek Raspberry 30L $181

Grizzly Paw 20L $102

Heineken 50L $345 No Deposit

Keith’s Pale Ale 59L $307

Keith’s Red 59L $307

Kokanee 59L $295

Kokanee Gold 59L $298

Mill St Organic Lager 50L $270

Miller Genuine Draft 50L $305 *Special*

Moosehead 50L $260 *Special*

New Granville Summer Ale 30L $158 *Special*

Okanagan Cider - Apple 20L $87 *Special*

Okanagan 1516 30L $162

Original 16 Cooper 59L $295

Original 16 Copper 30L $151

Original 16 Pale 30L $151

Pabst 50L $223

Page Turner IPA 20L $135

Pilsner 59L $270 *Special*

Powder Hound Blonde 20L $102

Rickards Red 59L $308

Rolling Rock 59L $310

Rutting Red 20L $102

Samuel Adams Rebel 20L $123 No Deposit

Sapporo 30L $183

Shock Top 59L $315

Sleeman Honey Brown 30L $151

Steam Whistle 30L $180

Steam Whistle 50L $275

Strongbow 50L $335 No Deposit

Traditional 30L $151

Traditional 59L $267

Unibroue Blanche 30L $165